Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

The book of inspiration

Hey readers!

I finally made it to turn to fashion again, my exams are done and I have time to be creative! I don´t know if it´s just me, but when I´m studying, so many ideas run through my mind. It´s really hard to focus. "Yes I know...I didn´t do so much for the blog recently..but damn brain shut up and lern this stupid syntax topic!!!" If you ever felt like that, I know what you can do, when everything is done. Today I started to work on my book of inspiration. There are so many pictures that inspire me, I had to put them into a book and make sure I always have them with me. See now what a terrible mess my room is right now and see some pages from the book.

xo sunny

the look book
the first page with lovely Alexa Chung  (picture by Vero Moda magazine)

We love Berlin!!! (pictures by Instyle)

the floor  (pictures by Grazia,Instyle,Glamour)

My favourite picture from the H&M magazine, I love it!
the artist^^

great picture of Gyneth Paltrow (pictures by Instyle)

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