Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Arty Arty

 Hello readers!

Thank you for following my blog, I had 2000 clicks by now, so 2000 visitors, that`s so cool! Today I show you a great ring by Yves Saint Laurent , which I love. I know this little it-piece is nothing new in the fashion world but I had to post it nevertheless.

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YSL-ring picture from net-a-porter :
YSL-ring picture from net-a-porter :
YSL ring picture from net-a-porter:

You can get them @  net-a-porter ;-)

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

The weather issue

Hi readers,

I wonder if I am the only one who finds it very hard these days to stick to some kind of style and it´s all because of the weather!

I live at the eastern coast of Germany and every occasion that is worth dressing "properly" is destroyed by horrible weather incidents. Last week I planed to wear my new shorts to a "summer party" outside, I couldn´t go, Petrus decided to take away ten degrees. Great idea!
And why is it always raining? I really thought this summer is going to be different...I´m so sick of the cold and the wet. I don´t want to wear my wellies all summer long, or my (long) jeans, sweaters and raincoats!

Where are the sweet shorts, hippie dresses, sunglases, sandals and happy people eating ice-cream?

Come on Petrus, you can do it better! 


**still in warm clothes wrapped** sunny

*why why why?*


Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

Summer colour

Hello readers,

I could not resist the happy colour for my hair.You see it very often on fashionblogs , I decided to do it yesterday spontaniously. Some love it , some hate it... I definitely belong to the first group of people. When can you do something like that ever again without really bothering what consequences this might have? Right! Never ever. 
Enjoy the summer people and make no compromise!

yours sunny <3

my favourite Biker/Western-Boots

silver ring by H&M, Moonstone ring from a market, armlet by gina tricot