Sonntag, 22. April 2012

Baltic Fashion Award

Friday and Saturday evening, people of the fashion business met in Seebad Heringsdorf  on Usedom to judge on the collections of the thirteen startup designers. The jury consisted of popular names of the fashion business like:  

Alexander Krenn, head designer of Vivienne Westwood ,  
Ann Merete Ohrt, professor of design in Denmark and designer of the outfit of the Olympic team 1988 and 1992,
Steen Halbro ,Danish designer and professor at the leading artschool  ENSAD in Paris,  
Elena Strahova president of Baltic Fashion Federation,  
Andrej Subarew the creative director and founder of his label AS, 
Gudrun Allstädt, journalist of “Textilwirtschaft” and chairwoman of the jury,  
Irina Sowitzki, awardee of Baltic Fashion Award 2006, art assistant of artschool Weissensee and  
Martina Glomb, designer of several collections of Vivienne Westwood and professor of Fachhochschule Hannover, also professor in Hamburg, Sweden and China. 

The star of the jury was 
Margareta van den Bosch, several years head designer of H&M and worked with designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Victor & Rolf or Roberto Cavalli.
from left to right: me, Martina Glomb and Margareta Van Den Bosch

At eight o´clock the presentation of the eleven collections began in the great hall of the Maritim hotel.  Elena Blank,  Julia Danckwerth, Annalena Skörl Maul, Kätlin Kaljuvee, Svenja Knoppik and Jana Schlegel  presented their collections first.
Elena Blank´s collection “private utopia” worked with black ,white and yellow colours and also with hair elements. The pockets  of her trousers were knitted to be outside and her tights had vertical black stripes.

collection of Elena Blank, "private utopia"

Elena Blank, hair necklace

Elena Blank

 The model drove her rounds on the runway on an oldschool cruiser bike wearing a huge grey hoodie with crochet elements... This is how Annalena Skörl Maul´s collection started. Her hiphop vs. crochet work collection “swagga” convinced the audience immediately and made her win the “audience´s favourite” prize and the Baltic Fashion Award.
Annalena Skörl Maul, "Swagga", start sequence
Annalena Skörl Maul, knit-chain
Annalena Skörl Maul, backpack on the left

 “Hiphop and crochet work…how does this fit together? “,the host Birgit Keller asked. “It doesn´t! That is the special thing about it.” Annalena says and explaines that it takes two hours to croche one square of the hoodie and the whole hoodie  would consists of 80 pieces. But her masterpiece is the backpack. It took her 4 weeks to produce it.

Designer duo: Laura Krauthausen & Yasar Spörndli

 After a short break  Anja Stuebling, Simone Austen, Laura Krauthausen & Yasar Spörndli, Jolanta Rimkute & Ieva Seviakovaite and Saena Chun equipped their models with their selfmade clothes. 

A collection of a special kind was the one of Simone Austen. Her collection ZERO8/15 was made without wasting any material. Many of her drapery can be recycled. The models wore plastic bags on their heads and  see-through cloths. “I get my inspiration from pictures of garbage” she says to Sebastian Deyle, male host of the evening. Her sustainable collection made her win the third prize and 5.000 euro.

Simone Austen, ZERO8/15
Simone Austen, ZERO8/15

The second winner of the Baltic Fashion Award was the designer duo Jolanta Rimkute and Ieva Seviakovaite with her collection: Baltai. The collection appeared very mystical and reminds of jedi-knights of star wars somehow, but nevertheless it is the coolness and cleverness that stroke everybody´s attention. “We come from Lithuania, and there it is cold. The climate is pretty much the same as here on Usedom, and today the weather is like an omage to our collection.” The duo explained and it truly was. The fog and the rainy sequences at that day made the long coats and wool-scarfs desirable. 

Jolanta & Ieva , Baltai
Jolanta & Ieva
Jolanta & Ieva

  Anja Stuebling´s collection "Zwischen Wirklichkeit und Illusion" worked with the colours black and white. "With black and withe I have chosen colours that strike the attention on the shapes."  The title of the collection fits perfectly. The pattern of the cloth makes us think of  the universe or  starry skies. A special eyecatcher were her self-made necklaces in shape of triangles. "They consist of wood-sticks, painted with metal colour, I wanted them to look like metal without being as heavy as metal."  she said.

Anja Stuebling, "Zwischen Illusion und Wirklichkeit"

Anja Stuebling
Anja Stuebling
This was one weekend filled with fashion on an international level on Usedom, congratulation to the winners Annalena Skörl Maul, Jolanta Rimkute & Ieva Seviakovaite and Simone Austen. For everybody who got interested in the Baltic Fashion Award  here is the homepage of the event :

I hope to hear from those designers in future, they all got a lot of potential. :-)