Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

fashion table

Hello addicts!

At the weekend I got the opportunity to have a look into some great shops. Here are my newcomers in the closet and also some nice things which fit to those. I hope to give you some inspiration, tell me what you think about it.  xo

isn´t it lovely <3

nude coloured blouse by Gina Tricot
my lovely new somewhat hippie panty by Zara <3

Viva la juicy,Artdeco nail polish, cupcake timer and jewlery by primark
my chloé like bag
Tell me what you think???


  1. love your blouse and shorts.xx

  2. Love blouse and shorts. I like your blog, you are really creative, dear! I'm following now your blog with bloglovin!

    have a nice day!!

  3. Lovely blog! Great photos! Visit my blog and follow if you like! Feel free to leave a comment as well!

  4. im absolutely in love with those shorts!

    Paolina Alexandra Russo

    Check me out!